LYNXTechnik AG – Yellobrik P VD 1800

LYNXTechnik AG Launches –  3Gbit SDI Frame Synchronizer with Up/Down/Cross Converter

The PVD 1800 is a broadcast quality compact SDI frame synchronizer with high quality Up/Down/Cross converter and scaler for professional applications in the Broadcast, Post Production and Pro A/V industry.

The frame synchronizer utilizes robust “flywheel” algorithms that will accommodate a wide variety of low quality asynchronous SDI sources. All embedded audio is extracted and delayed automatically to match the video processing delay. The module also provides up to 30 frames of programmable output delay, adjustable in frames, lines and pixels.

The Up/Down/Cross converter can convert between 3G/HD/SD video standards and has a selectable fast scale mode (<10 lines delay). In addition, the converter has a powerful Region of Interest (ROI) scaler that allows the user to extract a specific region of the incoming video and to output this as a full format SDI output.

• Supports SDI 3G (level A+B)/HD/SD formats (auto-detect)
• Up/Down/Cross Converter with selectable fast scale mode
• Converter automated by AFD, WSS or VI mode
• Region of Interest scaler
• Converts between 3G Level A and B Dual Link or vice versa
• Optional fiber I/O
• Auto changeover or GPI switch between electrical and optical input
• Robust “flywheel” synchronization for problematic sources
• “Cross lock” compatible reference input
• All 16 channels of audio de-embedded from SDI input
• Audio delayed to match video processing delay and re-embedded
• Integrated test pattern generator