Stingray is a powerful and compact channel in a box solution which leverages Pebble Beach Systems’ best-of-breed technology to deliver a full HD ingest and playout solution, with comprehensive redundancy options for systems up to 6 channels.



  • Compact and Cost-Effective
    Stingray delivers best of breed functionality at a realistic price, making it ideal for single site operations where the integrity and quality of your output is key
  • Reliable and Proven
    deploying the technology which underpins the highly-featured Marina automation and robust Dolphin integrated channel platforms, Stingray delivers high performance channel in a box capability with an exceptionally comprehensive control layer
  • Versatile and Responsive
    Stingray is ideal for the fast deployment of a wide range of channel types, including more complex dynamic channels which incorporate extensive live content and frequent schedule changes
  • Scalable and Efficient
    with a straightforward upgrade path from 1 to 6 channels, Stingray can grow as your channel counts increase, and multiple channels can be controlled from a single operator position
  • Resilient
    Pebble Beach Systems has a strong reputation for delivering robust solutions. Stingray offers enhanced redundant configurations hosted on a separate frame to safeguard the delivery of your channels.


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