Orca is Pebble Beach Systems’ software-defined virtualised IP channel solution. Ideally suited to meet the needs of centralcast hubs, service providers, multi-channel operators, sports broadcasters and corporates, Orca enables you to deploy IP-based channels almost instantly, without the burden of racks of complicated hardware, and weeks or months of setup and provisioning, and with no need to compromise your production values..




  • Leverages full power of Marina automation’s flexible playlist
  • Capable of handling dynamic changes to schedules
  • Offers full validation of media and playout elements
  • Simple to use channel design tools via Lighthouse
  • Ultra-fast channel deployment tools with Lighthouse (minutes vs weeks or months)
  • Comprehensive graphics functionality (2D or optional 3D)
  • Complex audio management
  • Uses optional Grid GPU for high efficiency H.264 encoding & advanced graphics
  • Hypervisors supported include Xen/Citrix, VMWare
  • Flexible IP inputs and outputs; supports MPEG2-TS and SMPTE 2022-6


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