Marina is a powerful centralised ingest, content management and multi-channel automation solution for systems from one to hundreds of channels. Combining architectural flexibility with exceptional resiliency, it is designed to meet and anticipate the evolving needs of your media environment.




  • Scalable Architecture
    from a single channel to hundreds of services across multiple locations
  • Agile Technology
    controlling legacy products and emerging solutions within video, IT and hybrid infrastructures
  • Comprehensive Integration
    closely integrating into workflows incorporating digital assest management, traffic, news and scheduling
  • User Rights Management
    enables monitoring of logins and activities, and manages access across the system
  • Unicode Compliance
    operates in multiple languages including Spanish, Japanese and Arabic, and toggles instantly between languages
  • Full Audio Track and Multilingual Management
    dynamic audio track control for multilingual services, descriptive video or secondary stereo
  • Media Aware
    database-driven media management offers automatic caching and conditional file movement
  • Multiple Formats
    BXF (Myers ProTrack), MXF,AAF,V-ISAN compliant
  • Lighthouse management and monitoring
  • Neptune Compatibility
    database compatibility and simple migration path from Neptune automation
  • Migration Pack
    for seamless transition to Marina platform from legacy and end of life automation solutions


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