SDI/HDMI H.264 Streamer and Recorder


The PEC 1864 is a versatile, compact SDI/HDMI H.264 streamer and recorder designed for a wide range of applications in the broadcast, film and pro A/V industry. The module can be configured to stream, record or to do both simultaneously. The streamer and recorder have independent encoders allowing for separate configuration of streaming and recording. Each encoder includes an up/down/ cross converter, region of interest scaler and a text overlay feature. Two channels of audio are deembedded from the video input. In addition, the PEC 1864 has a line audio input and either one of these audio sources can be used for the streamer and/or recorder. Users can insert a logo into the video signal stream, which can be positioned freely. Also a custom image can be shown if the input is missing.
The PEC 1864 supports a wide range of streaming standards as well as unicast and multicast operations. Whether you are streaming live to a Content Delivery Network using RTMP, viewing the stream on one or more computers using RTP/ RTSP unicast or multicast, or streaming to a dedicated decoder or multicast address using TS over UDP or RTP, the PEC 1864 is a powerful device ideal for a diverse set of applications.
The PEC 1864 is suitable for live event streaming, webcasts, corporate or enterprise streaming, presentation and conferencing, AV system monitoring, house of worship proceedings streaming and many more.

• Support for SDI video input up to 3Gbit/s
• Support for HDMI video input up to WUXGA
• H.264 or MJPEG encoding
• Supported streaming formats
• TS over UDP or RTP
• HLS (HTTP Live)
• Unicast or Multicast
• Record to MicroSD or USB
• Stream and record at the same time
• Independent encoder for streaming and recording
• Mobile friendly Web UI for configuration