Pebble Beach System Ltd.

About Pebble Beach Systems


Pebble Beach Systems is a world leader in automation, channel in a box, integrated and virtualised Playout Technology, with scalable products designed for highly efficient multi channel transmission as well as complex news and sports television. Installed in more than 70 countries and with proven systems ranging from single up to over 150 channels in operation, Pebble Beach Systems offers open, flexible systems, which encompass ingest and Playout automation, and complex file-based workflows.
Pebble Beach Systems is based in Surrey in the UK, close to Heathrow and Gatwick airports and within easy access of central London by train. We also have offices in the US, Singapore and Dubai. Out of around 65 staff members, nearly half are dedicated to development, and the large team of customer support engineers is able to offer 24/7 support capability on site and remotely via VPN access.

Enterprise level automation for powerful multi-channel delivery

Self-contained channel in a box for all channel types

Software-defined integrated channel in a flexible automation environment

Software-defined virtualised IP channel

World class automation at an entry level price