Dolphin is a compact and cost-effective integrated channel device which operates under Pebble Beach Systems’ automation control, and incorporates the flexibility to adapt to your changing broadcast environment.



  • Flexible Channel Design
    via Lighthouse, enabling you to customise the virtual output chain for each channel in the system
  • Cost-effective Solution
    offering a quick and straightforward pathway for the launch of new channels
  • Efficient Operations
    with the ability for a single operator to control multiple channels
  • Scalability and Flexibility
    Dolphin’s modular architecture enables the system to grow with you
  • Simulcast output capability
    providing the simultaneous output of a single media timeline in HD and SD formats, eliminating the need for downstream cross-conversion
  • Cost-effective solution
    offering an affordable route to HD encoding and playout
  • Multi format mixed timeline playout
    including text, logos, stills, RSS tickers, multi-lingual subtitles and 2D effects.
  • Multi-channel audio support
    with management of audio track tagging for language selection per event
  • Automatic caching
    of video and graphics content from nearline storage according to multiple playlist priorities, or direct attachment to near line storage.


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