BW Broadcast :- Encore Audio Processor

Ariane Encore Audio Leveler

The ‘Ariane’ name is steeped in broadcast heritage. This highly regarded RMS Audio Leveler achieved cult status. Originally in analog form, decades on – those same iconic algorithms have been incorporated into our most sophisticated and feature rich platform ever. This is Ariane Encore.

DSPmpX encore Stereo Encoder & Decoder

Its predecessor, the original DSPXmpX has spent the last 10 years dominating the stand alone stereo generator market. The new Encore version goes 1, 2, 3 steps beyond the original.
1. It has always visible large front panel LED metering, so you can see your audio and MPX levels easily from across the rack room
2. It has an RDS encoder – at no extra cost
3. It can decode MPX signals in DSP, with lab grade performance and have the decoded levels shown on the front panel LED metering.

DSPXmini encore AM, FM & HD Audio Processor

Don’t be fooled by the name, the only thing ‘mini’ about our 4-band audio processor is the price. Now capitalizing on the power of our latest platform, the DSPXmini Encore is one truly versatile box, with improved sound quality and additional features such as RDS encoding and audio backup. Forget ‘mini’, this is audio processing to the max!

DSPXtra Encore AM, FM & HD Audio Processor

Jump start your station’s audio with the most flexible broadcast processor on the planet.
With its flexible hardware and firmware, you can select between optimized processing for FM, AM, and digital radio, including internet radio streams, DAB and HD radio.